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Musica para acompanhar a Sua caminhada, neste Blog

Musica para acompanhar a Sua caminhada neste Blog


A severidade é uma característica da terceira dimensão. A gentileza e a compreensão são peculiaridades das dimensões superiores.

terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2016

A WORLD AT SCHOOL: Supporting Syria's young talent

Dear friends,

I have just joined the new campaign to get 1 million Syrian child refugees in school. Why? Thanks to the music of three young Syrian refugee rappers.

You should watch their video - Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed are amazing brothers who share a passion for music, and a moving story:

As well as their talent though, what's really clear from their film is that they - and other innocent children like them who have been made refugees - need education if they are going to realise their potential.

There’s no way of knowing what talents lie within all the hundreds of thousands of Syrian children currently living in refugee camps. There could be the next Kanye West, an undiscovered Serena Williams, or another Marie Curie, or all three.

But one thing is for sure: unless we work together to find a way to get each one of them into school, we’ll all miss out on what these children have to offer.

In a few weeks, world leaders will be meeting at a conference in London to discuss funding for Syrian refugee education for children like these. There's a plan to get 1 million of them back into school this year -  would you join me in signing it?

Sign today and we’ll take your message to world leaders at the the Syrian Donors Conference in London on February 4.

Every child has potential - and every child deserves the chance to realise it.

To world leaders:

"Please do what’s needed to ensure that Syrian refugee children can go to school, fulfil their potential, and build a peaceful future for themselves and their country. Give Syrian children hope".

Click to sign the petition

Thank you so much for listening,


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